Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar: A Great Destination Any Time of Year

Though it was founded just over a century ago in 1874, Viña del Mar is a must-see for tourists visiting Chile. Located just north of Valparaíso, the “Garden City,” as it is known, offers great beaches for swimming and practicing water sports, hotels to suit any budget, delicious local seafood, buildings the recall the city’s heritage and the continent’s best music festival.

Viña’s urban infrastructure has been designed to meet the needs of the thousands of tourists who flock here each summer. If you feel like walking around, start at the Plaza Vergara on Av. Valparaíso, just 200 meters west of the bus terminal. This is the beginning of the downtown area, which runs from the intersection of Av. Valparaíso and Av. Libertad across the Marga Marga Canal.

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