Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable fishing is fundamental to secure the availability of food for more than a billion people who depend on marine resources as their main source of employment, income, and nutrition.

Sustainable fishing is desirable because it allows for fishing practices that do not significantly impact the ecological balance of the ocean. Conversely, non-sustainable management of fisheries at a global level could translate into irreversible damage to our planet.

The goal of Our Ocean Conference is to define concrete actions that help implement regulations and measures that promote sustainable fishing and sanction illegal practices. The conference will encompass fisheries management and combating illegal fishing.

Fisheries Management:

The conference will help disseminate information on fisheries management and the latest science on this topic. This will help generate actions intended to help in the development of fisheries activities, both artisanal and industrial that are sustainable.

Combating Illegal Fishing:

The conference will cover the development of regulations, monitoring systems, and surveillance of fisheries with the goal of discouraging and sanctioning fishing that is carried out while ignoring current national and international regulations. These illegal practices have a negative environmental, economic, and societal impact.

The conference will also serve to encourage national and international sectoral entities to get involved and help develop systems that allow for the implementation of the adopted initiatives.

Sustainable Fisheries – Part 1

Sustainable Fisheries – Part 2