Law of the Sea Governance Panel

The conservation and sustainable use of the ocean has a strong historical and international basis. There is a system of governance that is a global effort via the work of international organizations.

A great example of this is the 1995 United Nations Fish Stocks Agreement.This year marks 20 years since the signing of this agreement which now includes 82 countries.

During the first Our Ocean conference in June 2014, Chile agreed to adhere to this instrument of international governance.

The purpose of the Our Ocean conference is to develop and adopt actions to achieve improved governance of the ocean in general, and in particular of this agreement that governs the high seas. Moreover, throughout the conference, the Latin American and Caribbean region will seek to give particular relevance to the U.N Fish Stocks Agreement “in the region and by the region” in order to encourage other countries to commit to it.

Law of the Sea Governance Panel – Parte 1

Law of the Sea Governance Panel – Parte 2